Podcast: Meet Our Wellness Tribe

Welcome and Thank you for listening.  Do you have a wellness tribe? How do you maintain your health?  Do you have separate groups who you eat with and others that you exercise with?  Do your communities overlap?  I will discuss this topic and much more on today’s episode.

We had our second holiday potluck with the practice yesterday and it was a great thing to witness.  Happy healthy people sharing plant based food and family stories.  We are pack animals and need to fit into a group.  Life is easier as a team sport.  A sense of community provides comfort, support and guidance.   I  love watching people interact and support each other.  Our team provides support and guidance as well as accountability to our members as they work to improve their health and wellness.  Together we have created a tribe that shares a common interest.  We are readily accessable for medical care if needed but more importantly, we are there to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases that compromise the enjoyment of life.  Not only do my members have a relationship with me and the staff but with each other.  

More people have heart attacks on Christmas and New Years than any other time of the year per a BMJ study.  This is all preventable by maintaining a healthy plant based diet, exercise, and having a positive mental attitude.  It certainly helps to be around people who are like minded.  

Articles reviewed today: 

Irritable Bowel Disease tied to Myocardial Infarction Risk: IBD Journal.  November 2018

Heart Attack Rates Higher on Christmas Eve and New Years Day: BMJ December 2018 for imformation on the practice, the 4th Annual Plant Based Nutrition Conference,  weekly blogpost, free recipes and much more. for questions.

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