Podcast: Osteoporosis and Plant Based Nutrition

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Osteoporosis is a diagnosis that is said to just happen.  You wake up one day and get the diagnosis.  Sometimes people fall first, but largely the diagnosis is made by a DEXA scan.  So now what do you do? Medication ? Supplements? I have a better solution.  Prevention and personal intervention.  

Prevention starts young.  Lessing the disease

later.  Avoiding complications starts now.  I will discuss what to eat and how to move as great alternative therapies.  

Ackee…. Mamey sapote… two fruits I will be sharing stories of this podcast.  Warning! Don’t eat without reading the directions.  That said don’t miss out on a one of natures greatest surprises.  

Thank you for listening. 

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    Cheryl Miklaszewski

    Interesting info on your new fruit/vegetable options. I love the immensity of choice we have with our known selections and don’t think I’ll be quite as adventurous, lol. Very much interested in the later half of your podcast with regard to risk/benefit of tests and how to strengthen our bones. Always in need of the reminders of posture, I certainly could use more of that. Thanks for another informative session!

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    Suzie Matthews

    Not sure about the Ackee…….maybe it will be included in one of your Friday’s cooking lesson…….

    Glad you spoke about osteoporosis ……….and so glad when you talk about prevention rather than treatments with drugs…….

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    Chuck Culp

    Mamey Sapote is one of my favorite foods. They sell them in Whole Foods and some of the Farmer’s markets here in Southeast Florida. I always try to buy one that is soft. They are usually sold hard as a rock and sometimes they never ripen. Strange how they usually ripen. They are very hard and the next day they are very soft. Usually, nothing in between. I ripen them at room temperature, or set outside in the sun. Once they are soft they keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge. Thanks for enlightening us on this great fruit. My neighbor has an Ackee tree, but so far, I haven’t tried them raw, I did eat them cooked, when I was in Jamaica.

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