Podcast: Skin as a Reflection of Health

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What does your skin say about health.  Queen Elizabeth was quoted as saying she earned her wrinkles.  Probably not, but she did have her fair share.  Is our skin like rings of a tree that depict our age?

Skin health is associated with nutrition and environmental factors as is any other organ.  In fact, our skin is a major organ capable of helping to eliminate toxins from our body including heavy metals. 

The outer layer of our skin is the epidermis.  It is composed mainly of the oldest skin cells and is largely waterproof.  Adding things to the outside layer doesn’t add much to the overall health of the skin.  The key is inside out.  A colorful plate of fruits and vegetables will provide the necessary vitamins for healthy skin.  On the other hand, a plate of processed brown food will result in thin, frail skin prone to infections and disease. 

After eating, don’t forget to get out and get some near red uv radiation from the sun.  It will help build collagen in your skin better than a supplement.  While you are out sweating, you will also be riding your body of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, nickel.  If you add some quadriceps strength exercise you will also improve your cardiac function. 

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