Podcast: In the Zone

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Have you ever played a round of golf, went on a run or played tennis when everything just flowed?  You didn’t have to think, it just flowed?  Have you ever taken up a new sport or new task when you had to stress about every little detail and things were still a struggle.  Welcome to whole foods plant based cooking and menu planning. 

Perhaps you eat the same thing daily and tell yourself you like it like that and then someone brings over a pizza that smells so much better than the cowboy caviar that you have had for the last 30 days.  Just have a bite.  It won’t matter.  Or will it?  How many of those bites, free days, celebrations, no diner plans occur in a month.  Rarely?  Really?  

If it were easy, the internet and store shelves would not be full of hacks and supplements.  We would like to help you be fluent in plant based nutrition.  In the zone with menu planning and meal presentation.  If it doesn’t look good, smell good, and taste good, then it will not work.  Consistency is key.  Practice makes perfect.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise.  

Email me at with questions.  Visit our website at for details on our practice.   You can do it and it is more fun if you have support.  

Thanks for listening. 

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