Podcast: The Right Decision for You

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  If you would like to get some nutrition or medical advice, just tell someone you are plant based.  They will tell you all the things that you will be deficient in and how keto has worked well for them.  Of course, they are currently on a break or having a cheat day, but it still works for them.  

It is pretty rare to have someone listen to your story and just say, good for you. I was fortunate enough to have my father give me a great piece of advice.  Make a decision and own it.  That advise is a little easier if the decision is something that is of shorter duration, but what if that decision puts you at a crossroads in life? When it comes to medical decisions, we try to rely on scientific data and statistics to get the best outcome.  However, it is very difficult to apply statistics of a group to one individual. 

You are unique.  Your life experience and values are unique.  All the AI in the world cannot make the correct choice for you.  Only you can decide, and that is something you can own.  You write your own story based on your health care decisions.  It is your story based on your perceptions of what is right for you.  The science is flawed and biased because it is conducted by humans that are learning along with their biases and interpretations.  The best outcome from a study may not be the one you get.  However, there is a lot you can do to have the outcome you desire.

I hope you enjoy this episode and find peace in your medical decision making.  You get to write your own story.  Make it a good one. 

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