Podcast: The Big Picture

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  How much of the time do you only hear the first sentence?  How often do you only hear what is pleasant? Better yet, how often do you translate what is said into what you want to hear?  That is why lawyers make the big bucks, and doctors “practice” medicine”.  

When it comes to preventing and reversing lifestyle diseases, I have no doubt that eating fruits and vegetables will not hurt you.  I gave a lecture at a high school once and the first question was then what about pot?  It is a plant. There are always exceptions and derivatives that push boundaries.  The diet police can really make life complicated to the point where a lot of people give up.  The cold hard reality is that there is no plant that will make you live forever.  There are some poisons that will definitely shorten your life.  And there is a whole lot of room in between. 

In today’s podcast I am going to look at sweeteners including commercial icings.  I am going to address risks and benefits of procedures and bumps in the road.  I hope that this episode will make your decisions a little easier to navigate.  If you like my approach, head on over to the website at

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Thanks for listening.  

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