Podcast: with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella: Run for Your Life

Welcome and thank you for listening.  This episode features Dr. Mark Cucuzzella.  He is professor of Family Medicine at WVU in Martinsburg WV.  He is a member of the Marine Corps Marathon Hall of Fame and is the creator of the U.S. Air Force Efficient Running Program.  He has recently released his book; Run For Your Life.  He is an advocate of running at any age and teaches clinics on proper running form.  

We discuss our love of helping people to attain health through a good diet and movement.  He gives some great tips on musculoskeletal maintenance so that you can continue to do your favorite exercise at any age.  If you have ever had pain running or playing your favorite sport, there are some great pearls of wisdom for you to hear.  

Check out his website and the book’s website at  He has some great running videos on YouTube as well. 

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Thank you for listening.  

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    This was such an enjoyable and hopeful podcast for all of us that want to run again! I need to “find my maintenance”. I just purchased his book and can’t wait to read it. Thank you for finding all these motivating individuals and sharing them with us all on your podcasts. I wish Two Rivers Treads was closer to Florida. Maybe someday he can be a speaker at your Plant-Based Conference……or better yet, “ROAD TRIP” !!!!

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