Blogpost: Everyone needs an adventure

It just occurred to me that the marketing world thinks that when you turn 50 all activity must revolve around food.  Let us make life easy. Gather at a restaurant with friends.  Go on a cruise and have food at your fingertips for five days straight! Are you in good condition for your next adventure?  Are you strong enough to walk all day visiting interesting places on vacation,  or do you say not to worry, there is a bus or a car to drive us? The best way to see a new city is on foot.  Many places in Europe have very safe bike paths. There are beautiful hiking trails and mountains to climb.  Are you able? Has the computer made virtual reality enough? Have you ever thought about training for vacation or your next adventure.

I have had a marathon or ironman on my calendar several times a year for many years.  They are my favorite adventures.  Running a marathon is a great way to see a city and the surrounding areas.  In fact I have never been to Europe when I did not run a race.  Spending an entire day outside seeing different sites and taking in fresh air is unbeatable.  Knowing I have a race on the calendar helps to keep me motivated to train daily.  The volume and disciplines change over the days and weeks but  my goal is always to get ready for some endurance event.

Racing is not for everyone but being able to walk, run, climb,  and swim will open doors for you to experience new adventures wherever you go. Even if you stay close to home there are many ways to enjoy being outside getting that vitamin D we are all so afraid to be lacking.  The sun is our friend not our enemy.  Along with vitamin D,  we help our immune system by exposing ourselves to healthy microbes.   There is evidence that being in touch with the earth has a grounding effect and is natural source of energy.  Don’t fall into the trap that you are old and have earned the rocking chair or the senior’s activity chart.

This year a new record was set in the Western States 100 mile race by a women in her sixties.  Set a goal to  increase your strength and endurance.  Put an adventure on the calendar so that you can train to make the most of it.  Celebrate each training session with a whole foods plant based meal that fuels your muscular recovery and protects your brain for aging.

If your goal is to live well then you need to train for it!


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    This was an awesome and inspiring article!

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      Dr. Dulaney

      Thank you Janet. I know you are training for many adventures. Keep up the good work.

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