Podcast: 169: Say yes to movement and no to most supplements

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Welcome and thank you for listening. I remember taking a Flintstone vitamin as a kid. I liked the cherry ones, and I cannot be certain what happened to the purple ones. I also took a vitamin when I started running for no reason other than I was becoming more healthy. It seemed like the right thing to do. I switched to a mail a way vitamin when I met an really fit elderly gentleman running and he said that he took them. In a study reviewing the published data on vitamins in the Journal of the the American College of Cardiology looking at the CVD prevention and Treatment (volume 71, issue 22, June 2018) they found that multivitamins along with vitamin C, D, calcium, selenium showed no effect on preventing CVD. In fact niacin actually made things worse. Only folic acid had some protection against strokes and folate is abundant in a plant based diet so no worries there. We discuss this and a study from the JAMA Psychiatry published June 27, 2018 showing the benefits of exercise on Cardiovascular death and depression.
Sometimes we are afraid to start a new exercise or challenge our bodies. We fall into the mode of needing a rest day or protecting ourselves from potential injury from exercise to the point that we don’t actually gain the benefits that we might potentially gain. We saw this in our membership with a squat challenge. People were afraid to start or push themselves because they have been told or believe that they will further damage their bodies. For those who made the leap and did the challenge, they felt empowered by their abilities and their gains in strength over the month. This is exactly what make our practice so unique. By sharing experiences, others in the practice become motivated to try new things and together the group grows healthier.
If you would like to be a part of a positive, motivating group of people dedicated to living as healthy as possible, check out our website at . Email me at with questions call the office for a free consult to discuss how our practice might help you to reverse lifestyle diseases.
Happy July 4th and God Bless America.

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