Podcast Episode 168: Hints to get More

We all want more but at what cost. There are a lot of attachments to more. With more SAD food comes more disease. However, with a more plant based diet comes more health. They go together and cannot be separated. If you drive on the wrong side of the road there is a good chance you will get in an accident. Not always but eventually your luck will run out. That is were the conflict lies. We really really don’t want to compromise, ever. We all eventually do. So would it not be better to choose more health? The compromise would be you have to learn to cook colorful, tasty, beautiful food that is also health promoting. You get more than you give hands down.
People start most diets knowing full well that is it temporary and they can hopefully fix their problem and go back to the same old way of eating and hopefully it will last for a while before the problem finds them again. The faulty logic is that the quick fix diet changes the surface only. The car looks clean but the frame and engine are still in disrepair.
Nothing is as good as the original equipment when it comes to the body and to food. If you process that bean or potato into a chip or pill it will never be as good as the whole food. If you have to have parts removed or replaced, your body will never function as good as it did before.
Holding on to oil, or animal flesh or processed animal fluids is not the way to health, and is quite frankly, a high price to pay for life itself.
Eat fruits and vegetables as close to their original form as possible. Get a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise each day. Maintain a positive outlook and smile. You will gain more health from those things than virtually any prescription out there.
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