Blogpost: Good News About Your Bad Behaviors vs Good News About Your Good Behaviors

Please tell be that I am perfect the way that I am. Don’t change a thing! Eating a little something bad now and then is not that bad. Red meat may not be that bad. Sugary drinks and junk food may not be that bad. Hey, butter might even be good. But, will those things make you more healthy?

That kind of news spreads like wild fire. Did you hear, my doctor says eating red meat, eggs, and bacon might even be good for you. The alternative that never gets discussed is that my doctor told me to loose weight and not eat my favorite junk foods. I am not exercising near enough. With that kind of negative news, perhaps one should get another doctor.

Could there is another approach? Let’s talk about the good news about your good behaviors. Let’s stay positive. Let’s be positive and redefine good. After all, it is our choice how we label anything. A broken arm is good compared to a broken neck. Something that seemed bad might actually have been a grand opportunity when you look back on it. Adopting a plant based diet in order to lower your cholesterol might just decrease your risk of getting multiple sclerosis or cancer as well as heart disease. Getting thirty minutes of strength training in twice a week might help your osteoporosis and decrease your risk of dementia. You are doing great finding time to exercise by making dinner a little less complicated. If your stomach growls an hour before lunch, you are actually allowing your body to direct blood flow to other parts of your body and giving it time to decrease inflammation. When you cooked a plant based meal for your company, you not only made yourself a little healthier, but may have introduced them to a healthier alternative. Bright colored meals are energetic. Energetic people are contagious.

How can you turn how you say something around to make it more positive? Instead of I have to, try I get too. I have even heard this to describe chemotherapy. I get to go to the chemotherapy center to rid myself of cancer. I have the opportunity to make a meal that is colorful and full of nutrients. I have the opportunity to exercise this morning to build stronger bones and increase muscle strength. How about instead of I am not sure what kind of food choices will be available you say I will find something acceptable and not compromise my health. I will google local grocery stores and come up with food to cover me during my travel. Voting with your dollars will make people think twice in the future when they don’t have plant options available. Yes, I can do this. Perhaps being in a situation where you are the only plant based vegan will allow you to start the conversation that will help others become more healthy. You never know who is paying attention. Tomorrow, I will feel even better about my decision to select my food options wisely.

Excuses are the beginning of negative actions. They are often projections onto others for your own choices. They don’t have a vegan menu so it is not my fault. My family is not supportive. I don’t have time to cook or exercise. Set the bar high and break the journey into steps and celebrate each one with positive affirmations. We all need and want hope. No one can take it away unless you let them. Negative thoughts rarely result in positive outcomes. Just watch me now. Everything is an opportunity to improve and learn. Every day is an opportunity to be a better version of yourself. The only limits you have are the ones you place on yourself. Enjoy the journey and have fun.

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    Dr. Dulaney, you are the absolute best cheerleader for being healthy! “I will” take this blog post to heart! Mindset is everything!

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    Nancy Brainard

    I also love the positive messages and encouragement you offer. You are a role model for me. I am 74 and live alone. Can’t believe I am this old! I feel great. Exercise everyday and have not eaten meat or meat products or dairy for about 3 years following a course based on Dr. Barnard’s Diabetes book. I asked my doctor how to get my cholesterol down (she was threatening me with a statin) so I asked what I can do. Her response?
    “Oh, nothing. It is just the way you are.” That is when I signed up for the program and it was great. My cholesterol dropped 40 points and I changed doctors. Cholesterol still down and glucose fine so doing quite well avoiding the diagnosis many of my friends are suffering with….such as polymyalgia rheumatica and cancers. Many immunological problems. Unfortunately there is only one other person so know around here who cares much about what goes into their bodies. Worse is they do not want to believe or even try to see if the WFPBNO way of eating coins help. I know one younger lady who cares a lot about food and lifestyle but she is not plant based. She likes using technology and is wearing a oura ring. Says it is much more reliable than a fit bit. Are you familiar with this device? Monitors sleep and all sorts of bodily functions. I told her I would see what you think. Personally I keep my life simple with lots of exercise and plant foods….and no monitors. She mentioned heart rate variability to me as well as issues with the sympathetic vs parasympathetic stimulation. I would like to learn more about these things and I know you have mentioned them as well as breathing correctly. Any thoughts on the oura ring? Would love more info on heart rate variability and the nervous systems as I think I am too much of a sympathetic responder! Thanks for any info. Keep up the great work.

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