New Year’s Resolutions: A word on how to succeed at living your best year yet from your plant based dietitian! 

The New Year brings on the dreaded (or hoped-for) season of resolutions. Are you someone who sets these high levels of unrealistic goals for yourself, year-in and year-out, falling to failure and feeling defeated? Before you get down on yourself, let’s ponder the idea that may not be the problem in this equation. The problem may be how you are setting these resolutions & how you go about maintaining your motivation along the way. No one is perfect, and taking inventory each year on how you can become a better version of yourself is a healthy action to take. That being said, these resolutions and goals should be adding to your quality of life and self-value, not taking way from it. Here I have some of my own tips on how to make 2018 your healthiest & happiest year yet!

Make it Attainable

Make realistic goals for yourself. Do not start your year by sabotaging yourself with goals that are far-fetched, but also do not be afraid to push yourself.

Small/ Short Term Goals & Long-Term Goals

Often in life we can become overwhelmed by the big picture. It is important to take time to breath, take life day by day, and celebrate the small victories. For example, maybe you want to finally get to a healthy body weight this year. Maybe by having a 1 month goal of working out 5 days each week; or start a new fitness class or routine that you follow for a month and then change the next; maybe you make your meals very simple and then add in one new nutritious recipe a week so that you are not overwhelmed with new cooking habits? It is all much more achievable when you start with the small steps that get you to your goals. Take it week by week, day by day, and do not consider one weekend of falling off the wagon reason enough to throw in the towel all together! Dust yourself off and give yourself a break. As long as you are upright and breathing, each day is an opportunity to be the best you can be!

Stating Your Goals Out Loud

Being held accountable to your goals is a tool in achieving them. State your goals to family or friends. Maybe make a resolution with a partner to hold yourself accountable. Maybe make a positive social media post everyday about your workouts or meals. You may just be giving inspiration to someone else who needs it this year!


Being grateful for where you are at and where you have the opportunity to go. End each day by picking out 3 things you are grateful for. The world can be a negative place. Do not let the darkness stamp out your own light this year!


It is not about what you are giving up, but rather what you are gaining. If we start down the train of thought of “woe is me” and “I can’t have that” or “I have no more treats in life” when it comes to nutrition changes, we need to soul search what it truly is that we are missing. Begin by finding new positive ways to fill that void and honestly address what the missing piece is in our life.


Keep an activity log, food journal, and/or gratitude notebook. This is not only a great tool to practice mindfulness, but it is also wonderful to look back a year from now to see how far you have come!!

Wishing you, all the health & happiness this year has to offer!!


With Gratitude, 


Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RDN

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