Podcast: Austin Rattler 50K Race Recap

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The Austin Rattler 50K trail run is in the books.  The race venue was Reveille Peak Ranch which is a 1300 acre ranch which hosts various endurance events and even hunting courses.  

Three 10 mile loops to completion on various terrains made it a very interesting event.  Ultra running is a series of trouble shooting events that include navigation, nutrition, pacing, and mental focus.  It is also a day to play outside.  I had a few new trouble shooting experiences to share. 

One thing we all need is to move, to play, and to be socially interactive. This race was what I needed to change my focus and absorb good energy from the other runners and great outdoors.  

I hope you enjoy my recap of the race as it relates to life’s challenges.  If you would like to know more about how our practice promotes health and the ability to do hard things, go to

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At our website you can also find links to Veri glucose monitors, and Aqua Nui water distilling systems.  

Thanks for listening! 

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    Suzie Matthews

    Always fascinated by your running adventures………and I can almost bet you will be running for many years to come……
    I started several weeks ago just for the exercise,every morning about 15 minutes worth…..feel so good afterwards……plus dancing during the week…as long as the feet hold out…I won’t stop..ha,ha!
    And always working to improve the plant based diet…….

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