Podcast: Health For The Holidays

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The holiday season is upon us.  Many of us have traditions that involve high calorie meals.  It is easy and very common this time of year to just chuck our nutrition and “enjoy” the holidays.  This comes at the expense of weight gain and worsening of lifestyle diseases. 

Don’t give up! Take it one party and event at a time.  Compare where you are this year versus last year.  Can you make some improvements in your holiday season?  Going to a party? Bring a dish to share.  And I do not mean a vegetable plate.  Make something and present it so everyone will want to try it.  This give you confidence and credence to your lifestyle choices.  Plan exercise activities for the rest of the year.   A jingle bell run or a New Year’s 5 K. 

We all recognize that exercise improves cardiovascular function.  Did you know it also improves your immune system?  Every day is a chance to do better.  There is no need to put off health until the New Year.   Enjoy your health every day of the year and every season. 

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    Ruth Charlesworth

    I just bought your book as a gift. I love it. I find the information extremely helpful and very tasty.
    Ruth Charlesworth, Murphy, NC

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