Podcast: CIM Marathon Mediocracies

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I completed the California International Marathon for the 5th time this past weekend.  It was not my worst time or my best time.  Marathons are a lot like life.  I seem to learn more when things don’t go as well as I would like than if they go smooth.  In fact, when they go smooth, I want more.  When things are more difficult, I adapt and learn to be more mindful.  Such was the case with this race, as I shall share. 

Nutrition plans and plans to improve health and reverse lifestyle diseases are very similar.  When you accept good enough or moderation, you will most likely fall short of your goals.  Taking a hard look at your plans and efforts can be a little uncomfortable.  It is easy to “give in” or “give up” on the notion of accomplishing your goal.  It’s too hard or it’s not for me are easy excuses to get your feet out of the effort fire.  

I learned that my race needs to be tailored to my training, and not to my wish for a certain outcome.  In order to get a better outcome, I need to have a better training plan and stick with it.  

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    Cyd Notter

    Thanks for sharing this, The temptation to give in when things aren’t going as you planned or imagined has become apparent to me as well recently, which is why your blog post resonated! This could apply to an area of life. After taking a hard look in the mirror, I realize that my marketing goals will not result from mediocre and half-hearted efforts. Not an easy thing to admit, but at least it’s a spring board to change things! Thanks again.

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