Podcast: Let Me Help You Navigate the Holiday Season and Stay Healthy

Welcome and Thank you for listening. By this time you have finished your Thanksgiving dinner. How did you fare? Did you stay plant based or did you decide to “enjoy” the holiday and partake in all of the traditional Thanksgiving foods. Perhaps you skipped the turkey but did not worry about how the side dishes were prepared. Butter, oil, eggs, and other animal products can add up quickly to increase your cholesterol and sodium intake. How does just ONE meal cause a problem?
Have you decided on some rules for yourself regarding your nutrition? Now, we are entering the shopping and holiday party season. Will you be tempted by the flavored coffees and holiday pastries? What are you plans for dinning when out shopping? Will you be grabbing fast foods because you just don’t have time or are too tired to prepare a meal at home? Will you continue your exercise program or use that gym time for shopping and baking? You can see how a healthy lifestyle plan can easily be derailed.
I would challenge you to be the example this holiday season. You still have time to prepare. Continue to eat plant strong and be an example for others. How is it that you look so good at the holiday party with others have continued to gain weight? Do not give up your health goals because others are not interested. If your health is important to you, making good choices is a no brainer. What kind of message do you send if you choose to eat poorly when tempted or it is not convenient. Why should someone prepare plant based options for you when you are not steadfast in your choices?
I discuss those topics and much more on this episode. My health is the most important things to me and I am not influenced by others choosing to be unhealthy. Please check out my website at to sign up for the newsletter and blog. Let us help you achieve and maintain your optimal health and wellness. Email me at for more information.
Thank you for listening.

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