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Vascular disease is usually not isolated even though we focus on the specific area that is causing the present symptoms.  What if there are no symptoms?  Will screening make you live longer or better? One would think that early detection would lead to a better outcome regardless of the condition.   However, one has to take into account the morbidity and mortality associated with testing and treatment. 

The good news is that plant-based nutrition has no side effects.  The more plants you eat, the better your health will be. 

When we look at medicines and interventions, are they treating the symptoms or the causes?  Granted medications are sometimes lifesaving, but we fail to see them as a temporary bridge. 

Are you interested in prevention or reversal of lifestyle diseases?  I believe the individual has the power to decide.  Ask the tough questions to your health care provider and yourself.  What are the side effects?  Is there long-term evidence that I will live longer or better. 

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    Thanks for another great informative podcast!

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