Podcast: Self Worth and Your Health

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Who is in charge of your health and wellbeing?  Are you doing a good job? Most people that are care givers to another human would not care for them based on their worthiness.  However, we often do just that when it comes to caring for ourselves.  We all want to be loved and cared for but as most people know that is not enough to get someone to appreciate their worthiness.  It is one of life’s great paradoxes. 

If you are not healthy, you cannot care for others. If you cannot take care of yourself, your caring abilities might come in question. Most people choose health and family as two of the most important qualities in life yet often their health is neglected. 

Acetylsalicylic acid is the main component of aspirin.  It is broken down to salicylate.  Salicylate is abundant in broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, mushrooms, and berries.  Unlike acetylsalicylic, acid they do not cause gastrointestinal bleeding or hemorrhagic strokes.  Both will help to decrease your risk of cancer and especially including ovarian cancer.  Your choice. 

Are you more likely to do the right thing when someone is watching? Studies show that when a therapist is watching people walk they get better results with walking to decrease peripheral vascular disease complications.  Why do you suppose that is so?

People who actively participate in our practice do better than those who miss appointments and follow ups.  The most frequent reason is being too busy.  Remember the sentence with health and family coming first??????

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    Nanette Rodgers

    Dr. Dulaney,
    Your podcast today on Self Worth and Health was inspiring.. I am grateful to be in your Practice. You and Addie have helped me set my running goals and my health and wellness goals!
    Your coaching has given me courage and determination to stay strong and live the plant based lifestyle!
    See you, Addie and Caleb and our dedicated runners this weekend at the Treasure Coast Marathon and Half Marathon!
    With great respect,

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    Judy Thomas

    Excellent podcast. I agree that we all fall victim to our own low self esteem. Me first is hard to do!
    I’m sure you’re showing everyone how it’s done this weekend.
    So happy you’re my doctor!
    Many thanks!

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    Suzanne Matthews

    Always a good podcast…..

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