Treasure Coast Marathon Race Report

Stuart Florida claims to be the friendliest small town in Florida. It might just be. It is the host for the Game On! Treasure 26.2 mi Coast Marathon, and 13.1 mi Half Marathon. Stuart is also the place where plant based runners meet to celebrate health and get a little out of their comfort zone.

This past weekend we had 6 members of our practice along with some of their family and friends run the half and full marathon in Stuart. It was the hottest day of 2023 for all of us with temperatures hitting 90 F by the afternoon. It was a particular challenge for our Michigan runners flying out of a blizzard to get to Florida. But our plant based runners are no stranger to challenges, and don’t seem to skip a beat when taking them head on. They face challenges as opportunities to grow and learn. None of these runners see themselves as victims or unlucky.

So why subject oneself to the heat and discomfort of running an endurance event in sunny Florida? Perhaps it is the positive energy around the start of an endurance race. Michael and I ran 2.3 miles to the race start at 4:30 am. We were able to run sidewalks the entire way. The road was quiet except for people making their way to the race start. We ran over a bridge with the moon lighting up the inter-coastal water ways that were lined with boats. When we arrive, we met Gary P who had also walked to the start; talk about green runners. Shortly thereafter, we me Erika, her husband Michael and two daughters, Annette, Jan, Ann, Dick, Kathy, and David. Everyone was excited to get the day rolling.

The theme of the day was to stay hydrated and keep the nutrition steady. The temperatures slowed us down but did not keep anyone from finishing with a smile and huge sense of fulfillment. It was a great weekend of positive people meeting other positive inspirational people. Friendships were formed and memories sealed. It was a dream come true for a physician to see members demonstrating health and vitality. Better than any pill or procedure, I would say that this weekend added years of health to all those taking part. I am grateful to have been in the presence of such courageous and humble people.

Listen to this podcast to hear my version of our plant based runner Stuart Marathon story. Thank you.

If you would like to find out more about how to be apart of such a group, visit the website at or email me at for more information. See you on roads or trails.

Music: Born to Run by Emmylou Harris

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