Podcast Episode 144: Walking with Peety by Eric O’ Grey

Welcome and thank you for your support as 2017 comes to a close. I look forward to many exciting guests and topics to discuss in 2018. This episode is near and dear to my heart. The story of Walking with Peety is a story about recovering health and happiness largely because of the love of a companion dog. Eric thought he was getting a dog at the shelter so that he would be forced to walk twice a day which would help him get back in shape as he adopted a plant based diet. In reality Peety adopted Eric and showed him unconditional love and dedication. He introduced him to a world that Eric thought wanted nothing to do with an overweight lonely man. Together they grew into lean, healthy, outgoing companions. Eric is now paying it forward by promoting a healthy plant based lifesytle along with the rewards of adopting a shelter animal. It is a book about kindness and hope. I believe everything always works out for a reason. Walking with Peety certainly supports this notion. Check out their website at He is on facebook as well. Also check out the video, Eric and Peety, a Mutual Rescue on YouTube.
I hope this book inspires you to continue on your journey to achieve optimal health and wellness in the new year. Please feel free to email me at and check out the website at We would love to help you take back your health by joining our membership practice. We take pride in treating our member patients as we would like our family members to be treated. Happy and Healthy New Year!

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