Podcast: Hold on a Minute, Something is Not Quite Right!

Welcome! and Thank you for listening. I am fired up today about a new study released in the British Medical Journal that suggests there may be more bleeding strokes in folks that eat vegetarian or vegan than meat eaters or fish eaters.  Of course the overindulgent journalists for major news networks are quick to point a finger at us dietary puritans that don’t eat free range or factory farmed animals.  Hooray, a hole in our plant based armor!  Not so fast.  There is some funny math going on as well as a skewed population.  Nutritional studies that rely on dietary questionnaires are very difficult to interpret let alone to use that information to project future risk. 

Let’s stick to what we do know.  High cholesterol and high inflammatory states are risks for lifestyle diseases including cardiovascular disease.  These are largely caused by dietary excesses.  There is a continuum of risk from the worst nutrition to the most optimal.  I am very comfortable recommending a whole foods plant based diet that is low fat and high fiber. I am also very comfortable at recommending lean body mass and vigorous exercise on a daily basis.  We are not a country sick from deficiencies but a country sick from excesses.  

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The immersion program will culminate with the nutrition conference on Saturday. More details to follow.  

Thank you for listening!

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    I just loved this podcast! You reminded me so much of Pam Popper when talking about the stroke study. Most of us only see/hear what the media presents from a study but it is so important to read and understand the details of the study(who sponsored it, the subjects used in the study and the actual language/definitions of healthy parameters), which often are very confusing. Thank you for helping us understand this one because it seemed a bit “off” when you heard it reported. Your hurricane health analogy made me smile! Best to be prepared and do what you can before it hits. We need to eat plant based NOW because we know it will make and keep us healthy—-Why should any of us wait until we are terrible ill to go plant based.
    P.S. Thanks for giving me my 15 seconds of fame 🙂 I have never been in a podcast before.

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