Podcast: Is Your Nutrition on Autopilot?

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Are you on nutrition autopilot?  Do you skip breakfast or grab a smoothie then graze your way into lunch? Is your desk drawer at work filled with snacks that don’t count in your nutrition log?  Have you planned dinner, or will you just grab something on the way home?  We are faced with thousands of decisions each day in addition to our food choices.  Unlike the Hadza hunter-gather tribe our nutrition can take a back burner in our daily activities, because there are so many choices.  However, those choices added to the thousand other choices often lead to quick last minute mindless choices.  Energy overload.  

Overweight and overwhelmed can make one fell the need to make drastic changes.  What follows today is a discussion on medical decision making when it comes to obesity.  Get all of the facts before making irreversible choices. 

Exercise is a must for health but perhaps not for the reasons you think.  

I hope you enjoy my discussion on bariatric surgery, plant based nutrition and exercise.  

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