Podcast: My Why for Treating Heart Disease

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  This podcast was recorded on January 4, 2023.  Turns out it was the day my grandmother died 54 years ago at age 72.   She died of a massive myocardial infarction after having had diabetes for 20 plus year.  Her only medication was an oral hyperglycemic medication.  Pacemakers were new and stents did not exist.  Her only dietary advice was not to eat much table sugar.  Her symptoms were severe fatigue and indigestion.  She went to the hospital 24 hours plus after symptoms had started and died within 24 hours.  I remember the day well.  My career has been dedicated to improving the lives of those suffering from diabetes and heart disease.  I believe she would have changed her diet had we had the opportunity to talk about plant-based nutrition.  Her garden was full of nutritious food and she was a wonderful cook that would have adjusted in order to maintain her health. 

As we start 2023 and my 61 first year on this earth, I am determined to educate and support as many people as I can into taking control of their health through diet and lifestyle changes. 

This podcast is for you Grandma Addie. 

Thank you for listening.  

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    Suzanne McKenzie Diaz

    Happy New Year Dr. Jami Dulaney & Family,
    Just a few words of sincere thanks for your very informative and helpful information in your wonderful pod casts !
    Kindest and best regards,
    Suzanne McKenzie Diaz

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