Podcast: Thriving During the Holidays

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  

Another year is coming to a close.  I hope that your health journey has been progressive.  The stress of the holiday season can lead to some poor choices with regard to holiday traditions.  My personal health journey has resulted in amending holiday traditions a little each year.  The sugary, full of fat pastries and candies of my youth no longer align with my view on health and prevention.  The good memories were the people around those traditions.  Making cookies with my grandmother and celebrating the holidays with friends and family.  The foods were the same each year at each persons house.  It would not have mattered what was served, it was the people that made the traditions.  It was the effort they put in to make others welcome.  

Don’t fall back with regards to nutrition but amend those previous dishes and let the one’s go that do not serve your health journey.  Make something special so that your friends and family can enjoy your new healthy traditions.  

Enjoy the Holidays.  Thanks for listening. 

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