Podcast: Strong People Remember More

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Who had a better memory, Popeye or Olive?  How about Brutus?  I will give you a hint, Wimpy was in big trouble.  Today’s episode I will discuss strength vs. muscle mass or size when it comes to protecting your brain from decline.  The good news is that you can still improve the most important thing at any age with some effort of course.  

In our comfortable world not only do we lack sun exposure, mental and physical challenges, and socialization, but it is contributing to cognitive weakness.  Mental decline.  When you cannot remember what you had for dinner last nite it is more concerning than just pleading the 5th on your dietary indiscretions.   

If you are looking for a cure for your ailments in pill form, beware of the back door side effects that may be irreversible.  Quick pill and procedure fixes often lead to more pills and procedures.  We will talk about a few new medications and their mounting lists of side effects.  

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