Podcast: Covid, fasting, and Immunity

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Feed a fever; starve a fever?  If you can sit up and take nourishment, you are going to be ok?  What are good food choices when ill? 

I am recovering from COVID-19.  Yes I had a positive PCR test and the symptoms.  Ten days I returned to work, and I am beginning to resume my running at a slow and cautious amount and pace.  

Today I will discuss fasting and illness and the benefits from fasting with regard to immune health.  One thing we know for sure is that being overweight increases the severity of COVID and other illnesses secondary to chronic inflammation and an overtaxed immune system.  

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Thanks for listening!

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    Suzie Mattjews

    Very informative podcast… glad you are feeling better………

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    Charles Culp

    Thanks for sharing the information Dr Dulaney. I am glad that you are recovering and look forward to more informative updates and advice.

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