Podcast: Why oh Why Do That

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Happy Earth Day! My mangos are growing.  My different varieties of tomatoes are flourishing on my tower garden.  Parsley and dill are thriving in the raised beds along with kale and swiss chard.  If you have not seen Kiss the Ground, check it out.  You will want to make your backyard a food forest. 

Why oh why? Know your why and focus on your why and you have a better chance of success.  The more specific and personal the why is, the better.  We do things that matter to us.  The other part of the success equation is enjoying the journey.  If you do not like the journey to your why, it will be much more difficult to continue to keep it front and center.  We cannot create or suggest a why to someone else.  It is personal choice. 

Perhaps I can give you some tips on this podcast or shed a little light on how you might go about focusing on your why or narrowing it down.

Did you know that exercise can boost your immune system? Can you do too much?  Spoiler alert.  Nutrition matters. 

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