Podcast:Episode 176-Can a Single Measure of Fitness Predict Longevity?

Welcome and thank you for listening. Lance Armstrong had one of the highest V02 max readings at 84. Killian Jornet, the world class ultra runner clocks in at an amazing level of 92. In a study published in the Journal of the American Cardiology, August, 2018 investigators in Copenhagan followed 5000 males for 42 years to evaluate the effect of V02 max on longevity. Those with the highest levels at age 50 lived 4.9 years longer than the lowest quartile. We discuss V02 max and what it might mean for those interested in achieving optimal health and fitness.
I shared some struggles that I have encountered over the past week with members transitioning to plant based nutrition. There are many stumbling blocks even when you have the best intentions. It is like learning a new language when words have more than one meaning causing you to say something totally different than you had intended.
Weight loss plans are often mistaken as a means to health which cound not be further from the truth. Most of these plan focus on portion control. I received an invitation to an ice cream social that the hospital is sponsoring to celebrate their bariatric surgery program. The belief is that if you control your portions even with radical surgery you still can eat unhealthful foods. I received another invitation to a BBQ pig roast for doctor appreciation for the hospital. They would not have that menu it they did not think the majority of doctors would find it appealing and enjoy the “occassional” overindulgence. By supporting such events we are acknowledging our disconnect with food and health. If your doctor does not take care of his or her own health, how will they ever take care of yours?
We have had the most success in reversing lifestyle diseases through our nutrition education programs. Members have three classes to choose from weekly that review the why and how with regards to plant based nutrition. We have a members only website that has cooking demonstrations and lectures that can be accessed if they cannot attend class. Working together as a team with a physician and a registered dietitian provides the support needed to make achieving health and wellness a success. Please check out the website at and email me at with questions. Sign up for the newsletter on the website to receive monthly newsletters sharing insights and tips to become the healthiest you.

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    I had a HUGE take away from this podcast about the mixed messages we can send to people around us. I sometimes find myself putting things on my plate so not to offend or hurt a hostesses feelings when out and about at some “event”. Often, I don’t even eat it. I just push it around on my plate until I can politely throw it away. Being plant strong means being able to say “no thank you” with a gracious smile knowing that often people are watching and paying attention to what is on your plate.

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