October Member Spotlight: Meet David! 

    This month, we would like to highlight David, a true plant strong rockstar who has made some incredible nutrition & lifestyle changes within the past 3 months. Since beginning a whole food, no oil, plant-based diet, he has been able to eliminate all of his diabetic medications, as well as significantly decreasing his medications for hypertension. David has decreased his hemoglobin A1c from 8.8% to most recently 6.6%! Along with his dedication to improving his nutrition, David also has been increasing his physical activity to now being able to complete a 30 mile bike ride!


David has been a great contributor to our membership Facebook group, often showing photos of the beautiful and nutrient dense meals he is bettering his health with! Pictured here is an example of David’s lunch: a vegetable burrito w/ collard greens as the wrap + homemade garbanzo hummus (no oil) for the spread + layered with cucumber, onion, broccoli sprouts, raddish sprouts and a little nutritional yeast and sriracha sauce.

 Keep up the great work David! You are an inspiration!! 

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