Podcast: Happy Plant Based Father’s Day!

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!  Happy Father’s day!  

I hope all the fathers out there are getting a healthy hearty meal this father’s day.  This episode will speak to healthy celebration foods and maintaining those big muscles by eating plants!.

Ketosis is associated with fat loss but also Dexa scan proven muscle loss.  Those muscles are important for metabolism.  As we age or decondition, we loose mitochondrial density in the muscles.  Put that together with loss of muscle, and it is a recipe for metabolic dysfunction.  

The two best things we can do to keep ourselves healthy is exercise and nutrition.  But all exercise and all nutrients are not created equal.  

We would love to help you reach optimal health and wellness.  Go on over to and see how you can become a member of our practice.  Healthcare is not about protocols and one size fits all.  It is an individual dynamic of communication, goal setting, and plan formulation.  Email me at with questions.  

Need a last minute gift for Dad-

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    J. Stamp

    Great podcast! Live the reference to cycling!

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      Dr. Dulaney

      Thank you!. Looking forward to watching the Tour!

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