Podcast: Learning from Julie and Nannette

Julie and Nannette

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Today I have two guests, Nannette Rogers and Julie Kermond.  They are both teachers, but now they do their work outside of the classroom.  It this does not inspire you, then you need to take a walk and listen again.  Nannette is 84 and Julie is 76.  They are plant strong marathon runners. They are athletes.  They do yoga and Zumba as well.  They share their plant based stories and their food with others as a means to positively educate.  

My take aways from this episode are: the power of the group, the power of positive thought, age defines nothing, only the stories we tell ourselves can limit us, and paying it forward is the key to personal satisfaction.  

If you would like a day or a week in an environment with people like Nannette and Julie, join us for the Fifth Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference in Port Charlotte, Florida.  You can register at Email me at with any questions.  

As Nannette says, “Today is going to be the best day ever!”

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    Dorothy Johnson

    Very inspiring, enjoyable and informative podcast for not only runners but for all people. And I know all three of these wonderful WFPB people. Thank you!

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    Kay Birum

    Best podcast ever! The Ladies are so inspiring & fun to listen to…just made my day! Positivity at its finest! Blessings all & tks for sharing…😊

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    jeff Galloway

    Nannette and Julie have not only made changes in their lives through exercise and nutrition–they have inspired many to improve quality of life by following their example. I look forward to running with them with the Lakeland Galloway Training Program and many other events.

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    Dave & Cookie Quarles

    When you try to think of the most encouraging people you have met in your life, Runners in the Lakeland area immediately come to mind ! In this group Nannette and Julie lead the pack. We are proud to know them both. Wonderful examples.

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