Podcast: Run, Swim, Rock Climb Repeat: Plus a Little Cardio Talk as Well.

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The American Heart Association minimal weekly cardiovascular exercise suggestion is 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise.  The funny part is that most of those committee members probably don’t meet the goal and cannot define what moderate to vigorous exercise might look like.  Thirty minutes three times a week of walking is really setting the bar pretty low.  I guess they figure something is better than nothing at all.  That recommendation exists despite good data showing an increased risk of heart disease if you sit the rest of the day.   Fifty years ago patients were put to bed for 2 weeks after their heart attack.  We now know that bedrest does nothing for the heart and certainly makes the the skeletal muscles much worse.  

What about atrial fibrillation?  How much exercise is good or good enough?  I have some good news about that in the podcast today. 

I also have my race recap from the Odyssey SwimRun Austin.  It was a test of swimming, running, and rock climbing.  In other words it was a cardiovascular, strength, technique, and mobility challenge.  Spoiler alert; we did not have to use the ace bandage that was required equipment. 

The reason I share my adventures is that I want to share the importance of getting outside and continuing to be active as we get older.  Being mobile means being independent.  I believe that eating a healthy plant based diet and exercising vigorously everyday will lead to a longer health span.  You certainly get better vitamin D from being outside then in a doctor’s office waiting on your next refill or procedure.  

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