Podcast Episode 184-My Chat with Dr. Laurie Marbas and Much More

Welcome and thank you for listening. Will Tuttle once made a joke that a Stage 2B vegan was an angry vegan. That was in the context of describing what it was like to be excited to share the news of veganism, but others were less than excited to hear. I have been doing classes and talks for many years now and it is still draining at the end of a day when you are speaking primarily to folks that are new to the message or really are not quite ready to get on board. I have to remind myself that this is part of the necessary process and we all have to start somewhere. You never know when the light will come on for one more person allowing them to get healthy and enjoy life even more. I had this experience at a health fair for the county school district this week and I will discuss it more in the podcast.
I also have Dr. Laurie Marbas as a guest today. She was introduced to plant based nutrition by a patient and over the past 7-8 years has incorporated teaching the health benefits in many aspects of her professional career. I hope you enjoy hearing about her journey and the wonderful work she is doing to promote plant based nutrition.
Laurie Marbas, MD: Instagram @drlauiemarbas Facebook at Laurie Marbas, and website She can be reached for consultation at
She is the managing editor of the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention,
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Thank you for listening as always.

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    Josep P. Stamp

    Very nice piece with The Dr……..busy busy busy but the theme is as always, the system is broken and slowly getting fixed or at least opportunity to alternative approach other than traditional medical care with medication first is the real problem!

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      Dr. Dulaney

      Thank you.

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