Podcast Episode 186-If you believe in what you are doing, there is not a wall that is too hard to climb

Welcome and thank you for listening. This episode is about obstacles to eating plant based and how you might deal with them. When people are just learning what a whole foods plant based diet is, they are often tripped up by hidden ingredients. We have been so removed from our food sources that some people are not even sure where eggs and butter originate let alone the fact that they are associated with lifestyle diseases. But sometimes it is not about the concept of what IS plant based but more about choice and conviction.
To have conviction to change you first need to be fairly certain that is going to work. Maybe that is why nutrition has a lot in common with religion. You need to have faith that it will really work for you. Will I really live longer giving up cheese? Will eating kale make me be able to get off of BP medications? What is nitric oxide anyway and can’t I take a vitamin to get it? How could one cheat meal hurt? Am I missing certain nutrients that I never have thought about before?
There are certainly stumbling blocks for those with the best of convictions. In today’s episode I will give some tips on how to get around some of them.
This podcast is about providing information to sure up your convictions about changing to a plant based diet. I will discuss health benefits associated with eating plant based as well as why physical activity is so important in maintaining health. I hope you enjoy.
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Thank you for listening.

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    I never thought of asking for a reimbursement at conferences if they do not offer a Vegan option. Often it is just easier to pack my own and bring it but you are so right that we should speak up. The more we do that the more likely conference might start considering Vegan options.

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