Blogpost: Who or What Are You Going to Blame this Week?

Blaming is like worrying. It is really easy to do and rarely fixes the problem. However, both are good at causing a distraction.

My husband is not supportive. My wife is not supportive. My coworkers are not supportive. My kids are not supportive. My workplace is not supportive.

I have too much work. I am too busy. I feel to bad. Everyone else comes first. I never learned to cook. I hate to cook. My knees, hips, shoulders, ankles, and head hurt. It is too cold, too hot and too windy. It is too sunny. It is raining.

My health problems are because I don’t have time for myself, I eat poorly, I have bad genes, I am unlucky. I am just not motivated.

Now let’s put the ball in your court. Offense. Coach Kerr of the Golden State Warriors names values that are important to his team, and then practices them daily. What three or four values are important to you? What 4 or 5 things are most important to you? An example might be health. You need to practice being healthy everyday. What things can you do each day that shows you want to be healthy? Start with a morning exercise or stretching routine. What breakfast reflects health? What lunch and dinner reflects health. How about your interactions with your family? How can you make them more healthy and less stressful. Your values and how your practice them are entirely your choice and in your control. Things may occur that are unexpected, but your reaction can be chosen in order to reflect your values. Eating fast food is certainly not a reflection of being healthy. Eating junk food because others have chosen to is also not a reflection health. If this is something you value greatly, protect it and practice it in every aspect of your life. The circumstance does not alter your value. You get to choose how to react to the circumstance to reflect your values. Once you see that you are in control, it becomes much easier and much more desirable to choose things that reflect your values. You may have horrible genetics, but that does not mean that you need to eat in a way that accentuates them. Your spouse may not have the same values. Every individual gets a choice to act in a way that reflects their values. It takes practice to be good at anything. Why would being healthy be any different. Your values cannot be left on a shelf to only be displayed when it is convenient.

Write them down. Carry them in your pocket. Journal daily about how your actions reflect your values. But remember, you are in control of your values. Now go practice.

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    Nancy Brainard

    Thank you for this reminder. I was recently on an Antarctic cruise and worried some about finding WFPB items. However, there was always oatmeal and wonderful fresh fruit available every morning. There were “vegetarian” options at every meal, and the staff was always willing to prepare meal selections according to my wishes. They call it vegetarian which is not WFPB, but it is a start. It can only get better. We had a butler and every afternoon he came around with tea and a snack of your choice. He got to know me so he started bringing me a small mushroom sandwich every afternoon! I miss that! Then the butler (who was from India) told me he does not eat meat either! There were plenty of yummy looking food items that are not part of my diet, like the Chocolate Buffet where the room was filled with chocolate. The smell of chocolate lingered in the air the next day. I think most of that chocolate was consumed! I had none, but I had great pleasure photographing the chocolate art. Amazing. I think by the end of that trip my gut biome was messed up so I am slowly trying to get back to where I was. Travel is hard on the body!

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    Helpful information. Thanks for another fantastic post. I bookmarked it.

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    This was the perfect reminder to honor your values and to remember that actively following a specific way to live only gets easier the more you do it! Thanks for the push to keep us focused.

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