Podcast-Episode 158 The Game of Plant Based Nutrition

Welcome and thank you for listening. Why can’t plant based nutrition be fun and a game. Would lives the longest? Who has the best cholesterol? Who can eliminate medications? Who eats the most colorful plate? Who creates the best meal of the week? This is not punishment but a challenge. Not unlike golf or tennis. Learning a language. The prize is health and energy. A challenge yes. Punishment, no. We are here to coach you if you are interested. There is no need for another heart attack, or BP medication or adult onset diabetes. No need to have aches and pains.
I don’t like batch cooking. By the time you stand there all day you hate the meals. They go in the freezer and never come out. The substitution is some fast food or take out. Food is wasted. Time is wasted and you feel punished for having to stay in the kitchen for prolonged periods of time. You deserve fresh and colorful food. It can be simple fruit and vegetables. Perfect in their natural forms. It does not have to be complicated but present the food plated and appealing to the eye. I would rather see someone spend time plating simple foods than a batch cooked soggy meal full of oil and salt.
If you would like help reversing your lifestyle disease or becoming plant based give us an email at Check out the website at Also check out to see what our dietitian Addie Dulaney Majnaric RDN is up too.
Thank you for listening. I hope you are winning at the game of plant based life.

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    Donna Berry

    Thank you for reassuring us all that it is never too late to focus on our health!

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